Do you see difficulties with shifting gears?

More and more often you notice some difficulties with gear changes, which are characterized by their slippage or the emerging resistance often?

Certainly, this is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible and, above all, lead to a situation in which our gearbox will be assessed in terms of individual elements and its proper operation. Of course, all this is to indicate and at the same time eliminate the parts, not only have wear and tear, but should be replaced, which will not lead to a more serious failure or even damage to the entire gearbox.

As we perfectly know, replacing the gearbox is a very large expense, so let it be a signal and an impulse for us to act that in the event of any irregularities we should start to act. It is difficult to clearly determine without research in a car showroom what can really affect the above problems, but all the signs indicate a malfunction of the gearbox controller. Sure, this part plays a key role in regular and correct gear changes, also lubricating the entire gearbox properly by supplying it with oil. So these difficulties, mentioned at the very beginning, are almost a perfect example of the fact that it is time to replace the gearbox controller and replace it with one that will ensure its proper operation and functioning.

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Used motor driver

Currently, most cars are equipped with various types of engine controllers, thanks to which you can monitor all parameters in real time. The most obvious parameter will be choosing the right fuel mix.

During the combustion of fuel in the engine compartment, air also takes part, which we must supply to the chamber in the right amount. The computer makes sure that it provides adequate power, so when you press the gas pedal into the combustion chamber more fuel and air is supplied. Then the sensors check if there is air left after the reaction, if so, then more fuel should be supplied. The engine controller works on the basis of many different sensors located in the chamber, but also in other parts of the vehicle. It can therefore control traction control and the ABS system. Our safety will depend on it. If the crankshaft position sensor shows that the engine reaches maximum compression on one of the cylinders, it activates the transistor for the corresponding ignition coil.

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ABS Pump

ABS PumpABS increasingly used in today’s cars denotes Anti-Lock Blokier System and its function is to avoid wheel locking when a vehicle is stopped due to sudden braking. This is one of systems that highly enhances and improves driving safety. This is achieved by increased ability to control driving direction when braking the vehicle.  The system is excellently proven on surfaces of both lowered and quite large coefficient of friction.  Its large advantage is the option to prevent locking of one or even more vehicle wheels. Thank to this ability the system affects the vehicle braking distance. Generally, the main task of ABS is to enhance the braking process by appropriately controlled vehicle slid, while maintaining its possibly best steerability.  The system is not installed in cars only to reduce braking distance, but it is also designed for assisting the proper vehicle driving direction to be kept when braking.

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Climatronik Air-Conditioning Panel

Climatronik Air-Conditioning Panel More and more numerous group of drivers or persons decided to buy new cars pay special attention to type of air-conditioning system. Each driver can choose, in principle, one of two basic air-conditioning variants. Obviously, there are manual and electric air-conditioning commonly called climatronik. Since the latter is significantly more commonly used it is justified to take a careful look at it. Electric air-conditioning, depending on vehicle size, is or can be offered in two variants: single or dual zone versions.  The former version, i.e. single zone version, is used in smaller vehicles and delivery vans. The dual zone version is more commonly used. The most important advantage of electric air-conditioning is that the system is able to ensure full control of space to be air conditioned.  This sensitive and very usable system is composed of a conventional cooling and heat sources.  The system includes also a large number of sensors and specialized computer controller deciding on proper operation of the system.

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Assistance System Controller

Assistance System Controller Practically, each of cars offered currently and available in the today’s automotive market have less or more attractive and comfortable electronic features.  Obviously, this entails a number of various opinions both positive and negative in reception. One of huge advantages noticed both by motorcar mechanics and car users is a much faster option of failure detection.  Obviously, this is possible due to the use of car on-board computer and some controllers responsible for operation of a specified mechanical subassembly. After skilful connecting to the computer and proper parameter checking we gain information of a faulty component.  Thus we know what to do to eliminate it effectively. However, its negative side for many people can be repair cost for a faulty component that is typically slightly higher than that of older cars without, for example, the assistance controller. For this component the repair is found to be typically quite expensive.  Obviously, this depends to large extent on a subassembly failed in your car.

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