Hydraulic power steering systems in vehicles

Currently, cars are equipped with many modern solutions that facilitate driving, a good example is the power steering. It is a hydraulic system or an electro-hydraulic system that supports the movement of the steering wheel. This allows the driver to apply a small amount of force to change the direction of travel, which is of course a standard feature in vehicles.

Problems with the power steering pump

It is worth noting that the entire steering system consists of several elements, it will be the steering column and the steering gear, thanks to which the movement of the steering wheel is transferred to the axle through a system of joints and gears. Naturally, for the system to function properly, the appropriate pump pressure is required, in this case it is a hydraulic system. Therefore, it must be a leak-proof solution, so that sufficient pressure will be built up for the proper operation of the power steering.

In this case, sensors are also used, they are designed to check in what position the steering wheel is, so that the system will work properly, the wheels will turn by the appropriate axle movement. Of course, sometimes some failures or damages may occur, it may be, for example, a pressure drop in the power steering pump. This may be caused, for example, by unsealing of the system, in addition, it is worth paying attention to the tension of the belt that drives the hydraulic system. In some cases, the problem may also be caused by an alternator malfunction.

In the event of a pump failure, we can replace it, on the website Power steering pump , we will find pumps remanufactured for various models and vehicle brands. It is worth remembering that we cannot always buy a new pump, some models are not produced, therefore a reconditioned pump in which, for example, bearings and seals have been replaced, will certainly be the best solution.