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Currently, most cars are equipped with various types of engine controllers, thanks to which you can monitor all parameters in real time. The most obvious parameter will be choosing the right fuel mix.

During the combustion of fuel in the engine compartment, air also takes part, which we must supply to the chamber in the right amount. The computer makes sure that it provides adequate power, so when you press the gas pedal into the combustion chamber more fuel and air is supplied. Then the sensors check if there is air left after the reaction, if so, then more fuel should be supplied. The engine controller works on the basis of many different sensors located in the chamber, but also in other parts of the vehicle. It can therefore control traction control and the ABS system. Our safety will depend on it. If the crankshaft position sensor shows that the engine reaches maximum compression on one of the cylinders, it activates the transistor for the corresponding ignition coil.

Programmed formulas and tables in the software will delay or accelerate the activation of this transistor depending on the throttle position, coolant temperature, air temperature, mixture ratio and previous measurements indicating abnormal combustion.

One of the most important tasks of an engine’s computer is to manage energy in the car. It is here that different voltages are regulated and the computer’s power supply is supported. Most controllers have advanced energy management due to the variety of components inside, accurately regulating the different types of voltage to be delivered to individual components. The operation of the main processor inside the controller and the activation of many outputs is supervised by a monitoring microprocessor, i.e. essentially a second computer, which ensures that the main computer does everything correctly. If the monitoring microprocessor detects irregularities, it can reset the entire system or turn it off completely.

The use of a monitoring processor has become a necessity for security reasons in the event of a failure of the main microprocessor. Thanks to this, the car can easily perform self-diagnostics and catch the defect when connected to an external computer by getting a detailed list of repairs or minor defects that need to be rectified. In some cases, an ignition lock may also occur. In this way, the driver will be protected from using an inoperative car. As a result, the safety of both the driver and passengers is significantly increased. For example, when the system detects errors in airbags or seat belt pretensioners. In addition to these codes, the technician can also display sensor data live using a diagnostic tool while driving. This allows them to see the sensor reading, which is incorrect but does not go beyond the tolerance to mark the error code. This kind of method is very accurate, modern engine controllers give this kind of possibilities. If you are looking for a replacement computer engine for our car, please visit: