What can damage the EGR valve?

What can usually cause damage to the EGR valve, which is one of the elements that are supposed to lead to the return of part of the exhaust gases directly to the intake system?

Of course, in the first place, you need to remember that the EGR valve is exposed to various chemical compounds, including nitrogen oxide, which is formed during combustion. Therefore, they can lead not only to its contamination, but even to its overeating and damage, requiring its possible replacement. The EGR valve can also become blocked or even clogged, then there is a chance to save it, through proper and effective cleaning, from the sediment that is in it. A malfunctioning pneumothorax, and thus a leaky turbocharger, the type and quality of the oil we use, or the lack of throughput, i.e. the blockage of the diesel particulate filter, can also have a negative impact on the EGR valve. Under no circumstances should you wait, delay or postpone activities and activities aimed at restoring the proper functioning or operation of the EGR valve. Otherwise, we will not only be a source of more harmful exhaust emissions, but let us be one hundred percent sure that the heart of our car, i.e. the engine, will feel its absence. There will be problems with its continuous operation, as well as cases and situations when it will start to go out unexpectedly.

Why is it better to buy a new EGR valve than to replace it?

Not for the first time, we will probably wonder especially about how much such a new EGR valve costs, at the same time whether it makes sense to clean it, or maybe a much more beneficial move is to replace it right away. In this case, it is worth considering the possibility of buying used automotive parts, including the EGR valve itself, the shop at www EGR valve, which has been providing its customers with access to them for many years. It is a proven supplier that always cares about the quality and reliability of the used car parts it offers.